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Please note that while Warragul Leisure Centre is completing its redevelopment works, there may be limited parking. Please ensure you leave extra time to park and check in for your swimming lessons and group fitness classes. Thank you for your patience and kindness to our staff during this time.

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Warragul Leisure Centre is proud to offer swimming lessons with the Y.

For more than 100 years the YMCA has been teaching Victorians of all ages to swim. We're passionate about inspiring children to develop a lifelong love and a positive connection to the water by learning to swim.

Our swimming programs

Our swimming programs help students become better and safer swimmers. This is incredibly important when living in a regional environment with many varied bodies of water.

Swimming lessons at Warragul Leisure Centre run for 48 weeks throughout the year. We offer swimming lessons for infants, preschool children, school-age children and adults.

We also run swimming programs for schools, holiday swimming programs and water sensory play programs. Warragul Leisure Centre even has a Fitness Squad and Club Development Squad that you can join.

Learning to swim is even easier with an ongoing Swimming Lessons membership. This includes a weekly lesson, access to the pools all year round and access to the outdoor pools across Baw Baw Shire in the summer!

Warragul Leisure Centre swimming pool facilities

The swimming pool facilities at Warragul Leisure Centre include:

  • a 25 metre indoor pool and a 50 metre outdoor pool;
  • a program pool and children's splash pool with water features;
  • a warm water pool;
  • family changing rooms;
  • accessible changing rooms for people with disabilities, with a hoist in our warm water area and wet / dry changing rooms.

Swimming lessons benefits

In Australia, we love catching up with friends and family outdoors. This means that a pool, the beach, a lake or river is never far away – and that's great! However, each year the drowning report show us that even competent stroke swimmers can get into trouble in the water or tragically lose their lives.

That's why learning to swim is about more than just mastering different swimming strokes. It's also about establishing a lifelong appreciation for safe activity in the water. Our swimming lessons teach vital survival skills and knowledge so that your child stays safe in and around water. These are skills that will benefit your child for life.

With our swimming lessons, your child will:

  • develop and refine their swimming strokes;
  • learn essential water safety, personal survival and open water techniques;
  • understand how to cooperate with and respect others in the water;
  • be able to make sensible decisions and solve problems in and around water;
  • develop their physical health and wellbeing;
  • build their water confidence.

Accredited swimming teachers

Passionate, professional and industry-qualified, our swimming teachers will empower your child to reach their full potential in and out of the water.

All of our swimming teachers undertake ongoing training and professional development. We invest in them to ensure they lead the delivery of our expertly developed curriculum.

Swimming lesson levels

We offer a range of swimming lessons to suit different ages and abilities. Take a look at our swimming lesson categories below.

  • Swimming lesson prices

    Swimming lesson prices

    The below prices apply across all swimming levels. Payment is taken fortnightly by direct debit, with the total cost spread out across the year. 

    Type  Per lesson cost  Fortnightly direct debit 
    Swimming lesson (infants to school age)*
    *Includes four make up lessons 
    $19.20 $38.40
    Private 1:1 swimming lesson (infants to school age)*
    *No make up lessons
    $26.75  $53.50 
    12 week swimming lesson block (infants to school age)*
    *Upfront payment, one make-up lesson 
    N/A  $246.00 
    Swimming lesson (adult)  $19.20 $38.40 
    Private 1:1 swimming lesson (adult)  $26.75  $53.50 
    • Prices are effective July 1 2022
      Students are entitled to unlimited pool use during the centre’s opening hours (except warm water pool) and at Baw Baw Pools.
    • Immediate family are able to access the pool free of charge two hours before and after the lesson time  (except warm water pool).
    • On non-lesson days, for students enrolled in parent / child classes, swimming lesson membership entitles one adult to accompany the child at no cost for a swim (parent and child must enter facility together).
    • On non-lesson days, for students enrolled in lessons not requiring parental assistance, membership entitles one adult to accompany the child to spectate at no cost. If the adult wishes to swim, they must pay full / concession entry.
  • Member benefits

    Member benefits

    Participants will also enjoy:

    • unlimited access to the Warragul Leisure Centre and Baw Baw Pools outside of lesson times;
    • regular feedback on progress and a certificate after they complete each level via Swim Desk.

    YMCA Swimming Lessons also include:

    • no start up fees, no lock in contracts, no cancellation penalties (14 days' notice required);
    • 33 week guarentee progression policy (conditions apply);
    • convenient make-up lesson policy;
    • free three week break over summer and one week break over winter.
  • Make-up lesson policy
    • Four make-up lessons per student, per calendar year
    • One additional make-up lesson per public holiday (during lesson weeks)
    • All use of make-up lessons are subject to availability
    • Make-up lessons cannot be cancelled and re-booked
    • Lesson must be cancelled before your lesson time on the day by phone (03 5623 4017) or email (
    • Make-up lesson must be used within two weeks of missed lesson, only after the date of the cancelled lesson
    • Lesson suspension is available with a medical certificate (minimum two weeks)
    • Make-up lessons cannot be used after a membership has been cancelled
    • Make-up lessons are not transferable (cannot be redeemed for cash or account credit)
    • If swimming lessons are cancelled and re-joined in the same calendar year, the make-up lesson balance resumes as per date of cancellation
  • Absences

    We understand that sometimes you may have to miss a swimming lesson, so we have an absence request form that you can use to let us know if this is the case. As a member, each swimmer enrolled in a lesson is eligible to four make-up lessons per calendar year.

    To inform us of you or your child’s absence request we only require verbal confirmation unless it is medical, then we require a medical certificate; we will then be in touch to arrange a make-up lesson.

  • Watch Around Water policy information
    YMCA Victoria is a Watch Around Water endorsed aquatic safety organisation. Watch Around Water is a set of industry guidelines that outline the minimum supervision requirements of young children at aquatic venues.

    We have followed the Watch Around Policy (outlined below) in our centre since 1 September 2019.

    Children under five years old

    • All children must be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18 and be supervised within arms’ reach at all times in the water.
    • All children must wear a pink wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming.
    • Children will not be admitted without a full fee paying parent/guardian who must also be in the water at all times.
    • Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under five years exceeds the ratio of 1:2.

    Children under 12 years old

    • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18.
    • All children must be actively supervised by an adult over the age of 18 at all times. The adult must have a clear and active view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them (this includes tech and devices
    • such as mobile phones).
    • All children must wear a yellow wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming.
    • Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under 12 years exceeds the ratio of 1:4.

    Birthday parties

    • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18 and handed over to the supervision of the birthday party leader (staff member).
    • All birthday party participants must wear a blue wristband and an age-based wristband (pink or yellow) to identify their participation in a party.
    • The adult guardian of the birthday party child must remain accessible and actively supervise the group at all times.
    • At the conclusion of the birthday party, children will remain in the supervision of the birthday party leader and supervising parent until physically handed over to their supervising parent/guardian.
    For more information visit the Watch Around Water website